Reusable Shipping Trays

Large reusable shipping tray


At Creative Techniques, we design and develop custom plastic reusable shipping trays that will fit industrial standard footprints. All of our reusable shipping trays are specific to each product. They achieve a maximum density of parts while still staying easy to operate according to the latest ergonomic standards, to ensure the safety and efficiency of your workers.

Whether you need custom reusable shipping trays made with the heaviest metal components or the lightest plastic parts, our team is prepared to meet the exacting requirements of your organization.

  • We use engineering- and commodity-grade materials.
  • Our materials are robust and durable, designed to last well into the future.
  • Plastic shipping trays are built to protect your sensitive electronics.
  • We insert urethane details to keep all your critical components from being contaminated.
  • You can specify hot stamping and decorating.
  • We offer a wide variety of colors for you to choose from.


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