Custom Plastic Pallets & Lids

Creative Techniques develops reusable custom plastic pallets and enviroLid’s, including unique, one-off molded products as well as modular assemblies using metal fabrications and molded plastic components that are highly engineered to our client’s exacting specifications. The reusable plastic pallets developed at Creative Techniques are suitable for use in the beverage, casting, machining, seating and semiconductor industries.

Our extensive experience as well as our design and manufacturing capabilities make us the best choice when it comes to producing custom plastic pallets for your organization.

  • Durable and long-lasting custom plastic pallet solutions
  • Product-specific designs meet both standard and unique industry footprints
  • Easily serviceable and capable of being re-engineered for future applications
  • Reusable plastic lids that are customized and proprietary
  • Unique container configuration and geometry
  • Ratchet mechanisms that you can service
  • No need for banding, stretch wrap or other throwaway materials
  • Cost-effective and sustainable unit load system


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