Custom Plastic Automation Trays

Creative Techniques’ line of custom plastic automation trays gives you extremely precise, part-to-part reliability over your entire fleet of trays. The automation trays produced at Creative Techniques ensure error-free interface with your automation equipment for the long haul.

Our team of experts has extensive tray handling experience and knowledge over the course of many years of working with various component suppliers, original equipment manufacturers and system integrators. This enables us to quickly and efficiently meet the needs of our clients in terms of creating reusable automation trays.

Our work in automated plastic tray handling also gives us the knowledge and insight required to present alternative interface methods and new ideas to our clients upon request.

  • Customer-specified features and automation for ease of use
  • High-quality escapement surfaces
  • Go-no go stacking
  • Forced orientation to ensure proper placement of trays during processing
  • Proximity tags included to speed up workflow
  • All components optimized for your particular system requirements


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