Custom Molding – Structural Plastics, Industrial & Consumer

Creative Techniques’ extensive design and custom molding manufacturing capabilities make us the perfect partner for your structural plastic product development activities. As a vertically integrated company, we can; engineer your product, develop prototypes, manufacture molds, produce parts utilizing both injection molding and structural foam processes, decorate, assemble, and drop ship your product.

After Market Car Extension Mirror    Short Run Specialty Car Part Jack Tub

The injection molding and structural foam molding processes are ideally suited for product conversion from other processes that are typically utilized to produce large, structural parts, including metal, wood, concrete, and thermoset materials. The aluminum tooling utilized for the structural foam process and for the majority of our injection molding applications can significantly reduce the up-front costs related to new product development, especially when compared to the cost of steel tooling that is typically required in most injection molding operations.