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Overhead Monorail Carrier Hanger Automotive Although it may have appeared odd at first, having a 400 pound engine block suspended by a molded plastic hanger, these applications have stood the test of time. Plastic carriers, which are capable of safely handling extremely high weights, offer numerous attributes for overhead handling projects when compared to traditional steel fabricated hangers.

Creative Techniques, well known in material handling circles for returnable packaging products, got its start in business in 1984 by specializing in molded plastic monorail hangers and carriers, wash baskets, automation pallets, and other “in-process” material handling applications and products.

These modular plastic carriers are assembled from injection molded components, which are molded from engineered materials. Structural members are glass reinforced for strength, while nests and details that touch your product are molded in non-marring and non-scratching materials to maintain quality.

These components are often molded from crystalline resins within the family of engineered materials, making them not only resistant to many chemicals and washes, but also allowing them to perform well at elevated temperatures.

In addition, the durability of these hangers, combined with the dimensional repeatability of molded plastics, makes them ideal for applications that involve automated loading and unloading.

Finally, lighter weight plastic carriers may require fewer, or smaller, drives for your system by reducing hanger load – and may reduce noise in your system caused by hanger-to-hanger contact.

Strong, modular, lightweight, durable, product specific, and chemically resistant; these plastic monorail carriers offer a truly engineered solution for the world of overhead handling.

For further information regarding returnable packaging systems, please contact Rick Parker at Creative Techniques, Inc.

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