Green Initiatives

Creative Techniques is committed to the design and manufacture of reusable and recyclable products that have a positive impact on our environment and which create a sustainable future. Our green initiatives products are made from thermoplastic materials, Creative Techniques’ products create a sustainable vision for the packaging industry.

Green initiatives   Reusable Shipping Tray for Transmission Part

Thoughtfully designed custom reusable packaging not only improves the environment by reducing waste through the elimination of wood pallets, cardboard, stretch wrap, banding, and other expendable materials, but helps our world further through the ability to reclaim & reuse the materials used in our products at the end of their useful life.

Utilizing a design & development process that focuses on a product’s use and impact from concept to decommission, our engineers not only look to the immediate requirements, but simultaneously look downstream to where products can be reworked or redeployed for future applications, or disassembled easily so that materials can be returned to our company for reclamation and reuse.