Our vertically integrated infrastructure ensures that Creative Techniques maintains control and communication during the development of all products. With design engineering, prototyping, mold and tool fabrication, injection molding, plastic shipping tray production, assembly, custom pallets manufacturing, and fabrication operations on-site, we offer single source capability to all our clients.

Creative Techniques ISO RegisteredAt the core of our organization is a robust advanced product quality planning process (APQP), where customer requirements and design inputs are shared with a core team and then transferred carefully throughout the product development process, ensuring that design outputs and final products meet customer expectations. Registered to the ISO-9001:2008 standard, our mature quality management system (QMS) traces its’ history back to our original ISO-9001:1994 standard certification and QS-9000 TE (Tooling & Equipment) Supplement compliance.

Engineering products in a solid model format ensures that designs can be easily shared with customers for review and for integration into larger system models. In addition, solid modeling creates an environment where mold flow analysis can be performed, if necessary, and rapid prototypes easily produced. By employing the use of conventional and rapid prototypes, design verification can take place prior to the production of durable tooling.

Our highly capable tool room has the ability to manufacture tools of virtually any size, and for both short run and high production applications. Working with CNC (computer numerical controlled) machining centers, solid model files are seamlessly transferred from engineering to tooling, where a mold split is performed and the mold is designed. Utilizing aircraft quality aluminum for the majority of our tooling, components are then machined and molds assembled and inspected prior to production.

Plastic Corrugate Fabrication   Structural Foam Molding
With both conventional injection molding and “true” multi-nozzle structural foam molding equipment, Creative Techniques is able to produce high quality products utilizing two distinct processes, and from a wide variety of materials. Utilizing both commodity and engineering grade thermoplastic materials, we are able to recommend and process the material that is best suited to each client’s specific application and environment.

Secondary operations, including hot stamping, decorating and assembly are also performed on-site. And with a robust supply base, we are able to provide final assemblies that are not only comprised of molded plastic components, but also extrusions, stampings, and metal fabrications, if required.

Assembling Spools   CNC Mold Manufacturing

Complementing both our prototype process and our assembly department is Creative Techniques’ plastic and foam fabricating operations. With internal capabilities that include CNC routering, die stamping, sonic welding, and other methods of working plastic sheet stock, corrugated plastic, and a variety of foams, we are able to fabricate everything from stand-alone details to internal tote dividers & packaging.